Certified as a Professional Horse Training through the Kenny Harlow Training with Trust Program.  Completing over 3 years of training.  

Getting the ride you want takes time developing the relationship between you and your horse.  Relationships are built on Trust, Communication, and understanding and many things between the horse and rider can get in the way.

Kenny Harlow Training Clinic

Come Join us for a day of fun and  training with trust.  .


Performance Riding workshop

What affects performance at the very moment you need it.. Join us for a one day workshop to develop the skills to perform. 

Training for you and your partner...

It's all about the Relationship.


Developing the relationship for a great partnership is the foundation for a great ride.  Tori Jacobs brings her 40 years of riding, competing and training creating a unique approach towards building the right relationship that leads to a great partnership and a great ride.   Tori, incorporates the many lessons into a comprehensive holistic horse and rider approach to a great partnership.